Louise Hildreth lives and works between London and Rome. She was born in 1988, grew up in London and studied Fine Art at City and Guilds of London Art School. Her practice moves between exploring expansive anthropological themes such as language, mythology, womanhood and ecology and more magnified inquiries into the objects and experiences of her immediate environment. These often stem from her love of gardening and food-growing and her latest installations have used natural, foraged materials. 


Selected exhibitions:                                                                                                                     Contact me: louise.hildreth@hotmail.co.uk or please complete form below            

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  • Forage with Sophie Mason, 2018, The Rectory Projects, London

  • POW! Thanet, 2018, Turner Contemporary, Margate

  • Nasty Women, 2017. NW UK, London

  • Femfest, 2017. Sweet'Art, London

  • We're Gonna Get Ya, 2017. Brains and Lip, London

  • Spring Exhibition, 2017. Artwave West, Dorset

  • INTERACT, 2017. Cultivate Gallery, London

  • She Will Need Her Sisterhood, 2017. Floating Gallery, Leeds

  • Solo show. Le Tre Grazie, 2016. Lo Studio D'Isola, Rome, Italy

  • Tombe Vuote, 2016. Casale sul Fiume di Carlo Brignola, Tarquinia, Italy

  • Un Paio di Mele, 2015. Lo Studio D'Isola, Rome, Italy.

  • Summer exhibition, 2014. Artwave West, Dorset

  • Autumn exhibition, 2014. Artwave West, Dorset

  • Catharine Miller Gallery, 2014. London

  • Decorative Arts Fair, 2014. London

  • Autumn Show, 2013. Artwave West, Dorset

  • Catharine Miller Gallery, 2013. London

  • Degree show, 2013. City and Guilds of London School of Fine Art