Tower Hamlets to the Tropics

I’m catching up after getting lost in the Jungles and rice paddies of Indonesia. The interweaving, contorting, oozing web of coiling, snaking Green was extraordinary. The air hums and vibrates with lush energy and life springs up through damp, sweet smelling rot. Plants grow upon plants upon plants and all of life seems to begin here in this potent Green.

Wiry plant-life riots here, tangling in creepers, ropes, vines and knots, a matted greenness; vegetation first and last, above you, below you, surrounding you.

The forests of the world hum up the erotic, moss, damp and steaming, lust run riot in the liana.. Potency thickens every leaf and brims in every flower tightly immanent in the bud then bursting with the urgent relief of dehiscence... Every tendril internally sprung for it. Nothing unthrust. Nothing unfecund. Ripeness lusts till it rots and its very rottenness makes a dank, warm bed for the next tight tip to poke through.
— WILD, Jay Griffiths