Wildflowers and Woodlands

I am SO EXCITED to announce that I will be working as Artist in Residence at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park for the next twelve months! I’ve spent a lot of time amongst the moss covered gravestones, ancient woodland and wildflowers in the park and can’t wait to spend a year observing and responding to my discoveries.


“Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park offers everyone a breathing space in the heart of East London. This woodland cemetery is a unique place of transformation: a people's cemetery, a place for remembrance, a sanctuary for humans as well as nature, a place for festivals, field studies and forest schools. Always changing with the seasons it is rooted in the history of the East End, a place of rich heritage that is full of possibilities and freedom for all.” https://www.fothcp.org/about

The team, Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, have an amazing programme of events, heritage trails and foraging workshops that I will be tapping into along the way. Throughout the year I will be researching the incredible heritage aspects of the cemetery, as well as observing the plant and wildlife, conservation and forest management and will be working with the local community and volunteers through various art workshops. I want to develop a long-lasting relationship between the park and the arts by involving local artists and arts organisations.

So exciting!

P.S. Bare with me on the blog thing - I’m a newbie